Being that I was just a tot at the turn of the century and segueing into that awkward tween/early teen phase by the middle of the twenty-aughts (a.k.a. the 2000’s), I didn’t fully appreciate the fine musical selection that was at my fingertips. My first oh-so-techy Mp3 Player was stocked with bona fide Disney jams like Ashley Tisdale’s “Kiss the Girl” and all things JoBro, and while those were arguably decent, there was a whole world of music of which I was regrettably unaware.

So this blog is a means of redemption for anyone else who squandered the green years of their youth by limiting their music pool before they knew what was good for them. Here are all the songs you’ll wish you’d known for longer. But don’t worry—we can correct the error of our ways. And remember, it’s not how many years you and your new favorite songs are united, it’s how deeply you fall in love right here, right now.

I plan to keep posts short and sweet (well, as short as an avid writer can keep things), and post most days with different themes like “Transformation Tuesday” and “Man Crush Monday.” I’ll also take a full break from the general theme of 00’s music once a week on Flash Forward Fridays, so if you’re curious as to what I listen to that is current and hip and happenin’ (or at least, has been at some point over the past six years), check back every Friday. I also plan to do the occasional Storytime just to keep things fresh.

The nostalgia trip begins here. I am not responsible for any side effects or legal repercussions that may ensue. So sit back. Relax. Please, enjoy.


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